Your new favorite knife.

Your new favorite knife.

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Daniel Holloway,  Chef & Co-Founder at Urban Acorn
"If you want one great knife in your set, this would be the knife."

– Daniel Holloway,
Chef & Co-Founder at Urban Acorn

Adam Clark Estes, News Editor at Gizmodo
"Yes, it’s sharp. Yes, it’s very versatile. But what impressed us the most was the price point: $120."

– Adam Clark Estes,
News Editor at Gizmodo

Order your 8" Chef Knife

Bulat Chef Knife
After testing the blade with both chefs and home cooks, we have developed something that feels intuitive for everyone. After testing dozens of revisions and prototypes we're proud to share the Bulat Chef Knife.

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Bulat Chef Knife Bulat Chef Knife Bulat Chef Knife

Convex Grip

A slightly higher grip position makes it easy to rock the knife and use the entirety of the blade.


Grooved Bolster

When using a more professional style pinch grip, a thumb groove in the bolster makes for a more confident grip on the blade.


Olive or Walnut Wood

Durable hardwoods keeps the handle grippy even if it's wet. The wood will also develop a nice patina as it ages.


Balanced Edge

A balanced blade and medium weight give the knife a comfortable, confident feel your hand.


Finger Guard

The bolster extends down the heel - but not quite all the way. This protects your fingers against the back of the blade while still allowing you to use the entire cutting edge.


Sharp Edge

Our VG10 steel cutting core is hardened to 58 Rockwell hardness and tapered to a 17 degree blade angle for a fantastic cutting edge.



67 layers of steel form a beautiful finish on the faces of the blade.